Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Buy Ideax

I rediscovered Best Buy Ideax recently and have began posting some of my own ideas. I think the ideas behind creating this site were great, and the intentions are awesome, but the usage is just tiny. I have been doing what I can to let people know in my store, along with posting on our internal company forums, but what I am doing doesn't seem to be having a great impact on the number of people who are showing up and posting ideas.

Either way I am posting my ideas and it makes me feel good to see votes and comments that support them. One day I would love to work in a position where I can make more direct impact on the business again, but for now I do what I can. I love making things better, making improvements, and driving the business. It is what I did well when I was a supervisor, and I just have to wait for the opportunity for me to do this again to show up, until then I will continue to make suggestions for improvement wherever I can.

Here is a direct link to my ideas, if you like them please vote. If you have your own ideas as to what Best Buy can do better go ahead and post, it is open to the public:

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