Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RUMOR! Best Buy buys Radio Shack


Because this is still in rumor status I have moved this to an internal page.

If you are a Best Buy employee You can view it on Watercooler through this path: Home » My Company » Best Buy - Innovation, Generating Value and Saving Money » Innovation and Growth Ideas » Best Buy acquires Radio Shack (rumor)

I would like to say again that this is just a rumor and that I am a line-level employee with no knowledge of what Best Buy corporate is doing in this matter.

This update was just an exercise for my brain and a way to express my thoughts to a company that I love. Because it could be taken the wrong way I have moved these thoughts to a place that can still fulfill my goals without any of the negatives that are possible.

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  1. This is a great idea Mike. I think that it would work amazingly. I think that very few places should make the severe changes, but the minor and intermediate changes would be nice. I really like the idea of a Geek Store or just GeekSquad Agents being in a Radioshack.